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Menumasters’ accelerated cooking microwaves are known worldwide for their unparalleled reliability and performance. Made in Iowa, U.S.A, Menumaster merges combi microwave technology with convection and Infra-red radiant cooking with fantastic success, reducing prep times by up to 15 times in comparison to standard commercial ovens. With exclusive import rights for the UK, we share the brands passion for making life simple for Chefs around the world. ‘Changing the way the world cooks’

The Menumaster Mission is clear and a passion that we share... To deliver accelerated cooking solutions through innovative products, quality workmanship and outstanding service.

Bradshaw Light Duty

Light Duty

Compared to domestic models, Menumaster Light Duty Microwaves are more powerful, more reliable and provide better results. Designed for effortless operation and unrivalled versatility, these entry level microwave are ideal for low volume applications.

Bradshaw Medium Duty

Medium Duty

Menumaster Medium Duty Microwaves offer exceptional cooking performance and unrivalled flexibility. Cook, defrost and reheat with confidence thanks to high output commercial grade components combined with user-friendly design.

Bradshaw Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Immensely powerful and exceptionally reliable, Menumaster Heavy Duty Microwave Ovens are designed to outperform even during your busiest services. Safe and simple to use, you can save time using one-touch control and auto-start functionality.

Bradshaw  60 Hertz/Marine

60 Hertz/Marine

Make the most of limited space with highly powerful Menumaster Marine Specification Microwaves. Ideal for liners, ferries, offshore platforms and more, exceptional cooking performance combines with reliability to ensure fast, dependable service.

Bradshaw High Speed Combination

High Speed Combination

Turbo charge your production with a lightning fast Menumaster High Speed Combination Microwave. Whether you're making subs or panini, cooking to order has never been faster, more efficient or user friendly.

Bradshaw Steamer


Enjoy the convenience and speed of a Menumaster Heavy Volume Steam Microwave. Four times faster than conventional steam ovens, these advanced steamers perfectly cook vegetables and fish without loss of taste, texture or nutrients whilst removing the need for costly overhead ventilation.