Menumaster Pop Up Door Microwave 3100W 9L 20AMP 60 HERTZ

Menumaster Pop Up Door Microwave 3100W 9L 20AMP 60 HERTZ

3.1kW. Capacity 9Ltr. Programmable

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Microwave oven door automatically opens when the cooking cycle is complete. The door remains open until ready to cook the next item. To minimise space usage, the door opens upwards. Angled control pad for easy viewing, located so door can be closed and control pad pushed in one ergonomic motion. Programmable control pad with the ability to program up to 100 menu items, single or double digit entry. 11 power levels including defrost mode and 4 cooking stages. Microwave has a 10-minute digital countdown timer. Microwave output 2400 Watts. Top and bottom magnetrons with rotating antennas provides uniform heat distribution throughout the cavity. Stackable with a compact, “jigsaw” shaped footprint for back-to back placement on a 724 mm shelf or countertop using only 346mm. Stainless steel oven cavity with stainless steel oven door. Ceramic cavity plate with a high temperature, cleanable seal.

This microwave is ideal for quick serving restaurants and casual dining restaurants.
Additional Information

Additional Information

+ Braille touch pads are ADA compliant.
+ Control panel located on bottom for convenient access and angled for easy viewing.
+ Plug and play operation.
+ Door extends out for easy cleaning.
+ Short cook times for single serving applications up to 42% faster.
+ Increased throughput by door automatically opening when cooking cycle is complete and remaining open until ready to cook.
+ Closing door and pushing control pad is one operator motion.
+ Door design does not interfere with kitchen flow.
+ Small jigsaw shaped footprint allows for back-to-back placement on a 28 1/2 (724 mm) shelf using only 13 5/8 (346 mm) of space . A shelf extender accessory attaches to an existing shelf to extend it out to 28 1/2 (724 mm).
+ Top and bottom magnetrons.
Capacity 9 Ltr
Number of Magnetrons 2
Cavity Dimensions 448 x 346 x 487
Connection Single Phase
Dimensions 448(H) x 346(W) x 487(D)mm
Number of Programmes 100
Microwave Distribution Rotating antennas, top and bottom
Material Stainless steel
Door Opening Automatic vertical
Number of Power Levels 11
Timer Range (mins) 0-10
Output 2400W
Plug fitted Yes
Power Type 3100W
Voltage 230V
Weight 32kg
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